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Core Element Physical Therapy & Wellness is a direct-access, cash-based wellness practice. This model provides greater flexibility and freedom for patients with 100% one-on-one, personalized care with the doctor for the entirety of your sessions.


Do you take Insurance?

At Core Element, we do not want to limit the care we can provide our patients, which is why we are out of network with insurance providers. This enables us to see you for longer periods of time than in a typical clinic, provider a wider range of services that are not covered by insurances in CA, and provide care without the need for a physician's referral.

HOWEVER, we do provide Superbills which can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Depending on your insurance you may be fully reimbursed, partially reimbursed or not reimbursed at all. This is dependent on your insurance policy.

*** Medicare is the one exception, as they do not accept superbills and do not cover holistic services

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What are the Benefits of the Cash-Pay Model?

You have increased access to unlimited appointments, decreased wait times, no need for physician approval or prescriptions, access to holistic services that are not covered by insurances.

You may be able to claim tax exemptions for your medical expenses at the end of the year using an itemized Schedule A to deduct medical and wellness expenses. (Please check with your tax professional.)

- Immediate access

- Longer treatment sessions

- Individualized attention EVERY session with the Dr of Physical Therapy

- Unlimited appointments

- Enjoy true CARE, not the factory mill of insurance-based clinics

- No insurance limitations or restrictions

- No waiting for MD prescriptions or referrals

- No copays or deductibles

- No surprise bills


Can I use my HSA/FSA card?


Our patients do have the option to pay through their HSA or FSA accounts.  Please check with your vendor to confirm payment eligibility, as our services are always rendered by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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Are any services covered by insurance?

We do have affiliates for pain management and neuro-stimulating medical equipment that work with insurance providers.

Dr. Matalon can prescribe such devices and our vendors will communicate with your insurance provider for coverage.


If the Doctor prescribes medical devices, your insurance may cover some or all of the cost of these devices with the point-of-sale provider.


Much like a prescription for medicine at the Pharmacy, it is the Pharmacy that bills your insurance. In this case, it will be the provider of the prescribed medical devices who bills your insurance.

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